Seitekina Taiyo
Seitekina Taiyo


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  • 18


  • Heteroflexible
Seitekina Taiyo is an original character by Gensomura.


A flirty, but timid person who is a pervert, although he isn't very open about his perviness and can stop being a perv for a short period of time for his friends, and tends to avoid problems. Tends to be picky, and is quick to act. He's somewhat shallow (meaning he only cares about appearence and bust size when it comes to girls, so he doesn't care about their personality.), but doesn't show it often. Depending on his mood, he is either caring and sweet, or a jerkass. Tends to sleep a lot and doesn't like being woken up. How open about his perviness is depends in the situation, but is mostly closed.


  • Hotaru Shidare: Female crush
  • Miki Hoshii: Female crush
  • Kintaro Hanemura: Male crush

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